Section One

Name Ella
Age 7 Years, Nov 2012
Sex Female
Location Essex
Neutered Yes
Microchipped Yes
Tail Long

Section Two

people People Status Loyal and affectionate to known trusted people. However due to unknown experiences in her young life Ella has learnt strangers are dangerous and she is therefore on her guard until they have proved themselves trustworthy. Ella has lived happily with very young children in her former home and is completely trusted with fosterers children aged 12 and 13yrs, but will not be placed in a family home with children due to visiting friends. Grandparents with a dog savy family is a possibility though
dog Dog Status Ella is living in foster with 4 other dogs without issue and plays well with younger ones but does not get on with all dogs. Could live happily alone or with a well matched canine companion
cat Cat Status Will chase
handling Handling (Grooming) Good with trusted people, however muzzling at vets and groomers advised due to fear of strangers
travel Travel Excellent
home Home Alone Excellent
house training House Training Excellent
training Training Knows basics; Sit, Come, Paw. Strong on the lead
health Health Very Good – comprehensive blood tests done and confirmed no issues


New Owners: Ella needs dedicated experienced owners who really want to save a life! They will need to understand she will need time and space to learn to trust them and that the same slow, hands off familiarisation process will be needed to introduce her to regular visitors. Someone without lots of new different visitors would be best.

Fosterer's comment: Ella has been in foster for 10 months now and we are very fond of her. We know she really is worth the extra effort needed, but with 4 dogs already we cannot keep her permanently and it breaks our hearts to think we may fail to find her her forever home. Her future is on the line. Ella is very loyal and protective of her people and home environment and will guard them against strangers so correct procedure around visitors and strangers on walks is essential. Ella will snap at strangers who get too close. She is an energetic, strong, loving sweet girl but needs time to trust people. As well as very quickly learning to trust her fosters (who followed the correct introduction procedure) she has also learnt to trust a regular visitor and adores him too offering beard cleaning services if allowed. Ella has progressed really well on walks with clicker / reward training when passing strangers and looks forward to getting her treats so it is easy to keep her focus on you, but it would be best if she is walked on lead in uncrowded locations or free on owners own land would be perfect! Ella really loves her food and can open lever and round handle doors to gain access, but ring latch or cottage style or high latch doors will foil her. That said you can take anything from her without issue as she trusts and respects you 100% once you have proved yourself safe. Playful and funny, she will make some lucky people a delightful companion. Ella is not the easiest choice due to her distrust of strangers but she really is a big softy at heart and chills out nicely at home when allowed to be with you at the centre of things, There must be someone out there who is prepared to make that extra effort to save a life and give her her chance. Is it you?

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Rebecca Downie
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