Section One

Name Leo
Age 8 Years, 13/02/2012
Sex Male
Location Near Norwich, Norfolk
Neutered Yes
Microchipped Yes
Tail Long

Section Two

people People Status Good, although does occasionally guard fosterer
dog Dog Status Good. Is reported as not being good with un-neutered males although this has not been seen in foster
cat Cat Status Not good with small furries or birds
handling Handling (Grooming) Fosterer can pat all over and has cut mats out of hair but he came with a warning that he needs muzzling at the vet and groomer (this may depend on the groomer as he was fine with fosterers groomer) **Update** - if Leo thinks you are going to do something to him he will growl but as soon as he is asleep you can do anything you want, including removing ticks. The growling is born out of anxiety rather than aggression.
travel Travel Good
home Home Alone Not very good, has mild separation anxiety. Can be left for up to an hour
house training House Training Excellent
training Training Ok, but off lead is not good
health Health Good overall. Leo has a broken tooth that does not bother him. He also has had investigations for a cruciate problem. The right leg is fine but the left is showing very early signs that the cruciate may be fraying and he has a luxating patella on the left knee. Xrays have been taken and the vet said neither problem needs correctional surgery at present. The vet also advised that Leo should not have vigorous or extended exercise, although try telling that to a Springer!


Other Comments: We have been fostering Leo since the 21st March (Lockdown Leo is his nickname, amongst others!) and have seen a few changes in him but he still has a bit of a way to go. Leo is an anxious and unsure lad and will therefore need someone who can be both caring and confident at the same time. He needs definite boundaries but not an authoritarian hand. He has mild separation anxiety, which has improved in foster and he can now be left for up to an hour, but we have him sleeping upstairs with us as once he starts a bark on he is a bit relentless. There are guarding issues over the bed, towards my husband but not me, and not all the time. The occasional guarding of me during the day has now subsided and he is, and always has been, more than happy to cuddle up to both or either of us at any other time of the day. The guarding will need to be managed and is where he requires the most confident, but not dominant, handling. He is very food oriented which will help with this going forward. He is a counter surfer and, because he is a tall boy, he is quite successful! He is our first foster to find where the food is kept... He is in foster with 3 other dogs but is not that keen on sharing his humans. He could be rehomed with a confident or playful dog but would need to be introduced properly to understand he needs to earn his place. We do not know what he is like with children so I would recommend teenage or older due to his guarding tendancies. He isn’t a ‘quick fix’ dog but has an awful lot to give in the right home. Do not be put off by his age, he has plenty of get up and go!

Area Coordinator Comments: Leo will be rehomed on a support contract whereby ESSW will help with the costs of hydrotherapy to strengthen the muscles around his knees, and would consider additional support if surgery became necessary in the future. ESSW would also consider a long term foster arrangement. Ideally any new home would be reasonably local to Norwich so that several visits to Leo, and Leo to his new home, could be made before rehoming.

Update: Reading through Leo’s details I have realised I didn’t emphasise what a lovely boy he is, and what potential he has. He is the most handsome chap with a very expressive face. Quite often it is worried but he has a ‘best behaviour’ look when he wants food! And he will let you know he wants food by tapping his bowl... He paws at the door when he wants to go out, even if it is just to patrol the garden for rogue birds. In fact he can open some doors! He loves his walks, and gets particularly excited for his afternoon outing. His long legs make for a lovely gangling lollop when out on a walk. He is most definitely a Springer through the long grass and reeds! He loves to swim, but is a complete wimp about getting in the water. He will only wade in through reeds or grass and if he thinks it might be too deep he gets scared... He has been excellent at meeting new people, and pretty good with new dogs. We have recently had visitors and he was impeccably behaved. He is an intelligent dog and I suspect over thinks things and gets worried and anxious by what might be about to happen. He doesn’t seem to want to play with toys but does like to ‘help’ in the garden, there are certainly no weeds at the back of our shrubs this year! He still has the mild separation anxiety, but he is loving and trusting (up to a point!) and continues to gradually unwind in foster, starting to show the gorgeous dog he really is.

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Rebecca Downie
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